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Looking For Chorus Pedal Suggestions

My trusty old Boss chorus that I have had almost since I started playing guitar has finally done itself in. I guess I shouldn’t be surprised, it is over 20 years old. Definitely a great chorus effect but now is time to get something new.

I have been looking at a number of different options. Looking at a lot of suggestions online and read a lot of best chorus pedal reviews and recommendations. So many choices.

Youtube has been a great help too! So many excellent demos there and so many great guitar players too!

Guitar Lessons Reviews – Is Jamorama Worth It?

I am just like you. Not too long ago I decided to learn Guitar. Not being one to waste time, I decided to see what is available on Internet. What I found was surprising, while there were a few good courses (and couple of exceptionally good ones), rest were just rubbish.

Six months later, I had a chance to be a part of school band that allowed me to access and evaluate my skills. I was able to judge which course made the most contribution to my learning. If you look below, you will find what I consider as three of the best lessons for learning guitar online. You can evaluate all of the three as per your need and pick the one that suits you best.

Good luck!

Jamorama Guitar Lessons Review

You can say that I was lucky. While I was searching for my first online guitar lesson course I came across Jamorama. I researched about it and decided to give it a shot. Turned out that I had hit a sweet spot. The program is very well designed for beginners to start with. The course emphasizes on mastering your favorite song and it is an very easy and interesting way of learning guitar. The main idea is to keep you motivated as a beginner without going into unnecessary theories.

As a beginner, you get to learn the absolute basics of the guitar, gradually working your way to the more advanced lessons. In the genre specific phase, you learn techniques and skills specific to the genre you enjoy most. The mp3 and video lessons are a great help as they help to master what has been presented in the ebook. The multimedia sessions make it much easier to remember. The ebook provided is also quite well written. It is filled with examples that go from easy to advanced in a very smooth manner. It helps you master your control over all the aspects of learning guitar and music like playing rhythms, reading music, knowledge of chords etc.

Other thing that helps you learn guitar much quicker with Jamorama is the fact that you can learn at your own pace. Unlike a classroom session where you are forced to learn at the pace of the rest of the the class, with Jamorama you can go with your comfort level.

I really can’t recommend Jamorama any stronger. It is packaged at an amazingly low price of under $40 (for a limited time). For beginners there cannot be a better deal than this package. The package is available for immediate download though I should mention that the downloads are quite big. It is the best course to get you started on a musical journey.

If you are looking for a guitar teacher instead, look at this guitar teacher near me directory

Loud Guitar Amps Causing Tinnitus?

Yikes. I just got back from band practice and my ears are ringing like you wouldn’t believe! I think I need to possibly invest in some good ear plugs for the next jam sessions because this is getting unreal. I have suffered from tinnitus here and there for quite awhile now and I am beginning to look into finding some kind of cure. I did find a promising cure for tinnitus – might have to order that up and give it a try.

Or perhaps I just need to turn down my amp! Way too loud on my hearing and my ears are probably hating me right now.

I wonder how many other musicians out there also have tinnitus and ear ringing problems.

Upgrading To The Best CHEAP Fuzz Pedal

I love the fuzz guitar effect.  Love it!  Especially that 60’s warm tone that is well known for that time in rock and roll music. I have a bit of a limited budget but luckily there is a lot out there to choose from so finding the best fuzz pedal for me should not be too hard.

I am basically trying to get a kind of Hendrix guitar tone but maybe a little thinker since I use a Les Paul with humbuckers instead of a Strat like Jimi.

I will have to update this blog when I get it and maybe even make some recordings to share here.