Loud Guitar Amps Causing Tinnitus?

Yikes. I just got back from band practice and my ears are ringing like you wouldn’t believe! I think I need to possibly invest in some good ear plugs for the next jam sessions because this is getting unreal. I have suffered from tinnitus here and there for quite awhile now and I am beginning to look into finding some kind of cure. I did find a promising cure for tinnitus – might have to order that up and give it a try.

Or perhaps I just need to turn down my amp! Way too loud on my hearing and my ears are probably hating me right now.

I wonder how many other musicians out there also have tinnitus and ear ringing problems.

Upgrading To The Best CHEAP Fuzz Pedal

I love the fuzz guitar effect.  Love it!  Especially that 60’s warm tone that is well known for that time in rock and roll music. I have a bit of a limited budget but luckily there is a lot out there to choose from so finding the best fuzz pedal for me should not be too hard.

I am basically trying to get a kind of Hendrix guitar tone but maybe a little thinker since I use a Les Paul with humbuckers instead of a Strat like Jimi.

I will have to update this blog when I get it and maybe even make some recordings to share here.